There are three parking options available at Myrtle Beach International Airport:

Short Term

Short Term Parking is the perfect option for pick up, drop off, and quick trips.

The Short Term Parking lot can be found straight across from the Terminal Building and is the closest lot to the Terminal Building.

Parking for the first 15 minutes is free, 16-30 minutes’ costs 3 dollars, and each additional 15 minutes adds 1 dollar to the overall cost. The daily maximum is 21 dollars.

Long Term

Long term parking lot is the largest out of all. It is just a short walk away from the terminal.

Long Term Parking is available for travelers at the second left turn on the entry road to the Myrtle Beach International Airport.

The daily rate is just 12 dollars.


The economy parking lot is the best value option at MYR.

There are two Economy lots located on a right turn entry from Jetport Road in front of the Terminal Building and across the Rental Car Facility.

The Economy lots are credit card only and cost 10 dollars per day.



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