To depart from Myrtle Beach International Airport, travelers first need to go to the ticket counter of their airline to check-in. Airport administration and TSA advise departing visitors to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before scheduled departure for domestic flights, and 3 hours for international flights due to possible long lines. The airport has already seen increased wait times for the past several years, so barricades have been installed near security and ticketing areas to help keep lines organized. After clearing through the check-in counter, passengers need to go through security screenings conducted mainly by TSA officers.

TSA & Airport Security

Myrtle Beach International Airports security checkpoints are open from 4:45 am until 10:30 pm every day.

Passengers can register in TSA Pre-Check for a faster and more carefree travel experience. Qualifying passengers who are considered by TSA low-risk can obtain expedited screening as a member of the program or member of a different trusted-traveler group. Most passengers only wait 5 minutes at security in the TSA Pre-Check program.

Global Entry

Global Entry is CBP (Border Protection) and U.S. Customs program allowing expedited authorization for pre-approved travelers upon their arrival in the States. Though this program is intended for regular international travelers, there is no minimum quantity of trips necessary to qualify for the program.

Prohibited items

Some items are not allowed on a flight.

It is advised to place bottles in one bag and X-ray separately to save time at security screening. Each time TSA examines a carry-on bag, it slows down the line. Travelers can also put liquids in checked luggage.

Baby formula and food, medications, and juice are allowed in moderate amounts exceeding 3 ounces.

To get more details about new security procedures and some time-saving tips, travelers can visit the TSA Website.



About the main terminal of Myrtle Beach International Airport.

Airport Services

Services provided to passengers and visitors by MYR Airport.

Duty free

Duty-Free at Myrtle Beach International Airport: stores, cafes, and restaurants.